Prof. Jan T. Gross visited our campus this week and presented his book Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland After Auschwitz. It’s about how/why/how come Polish people that saved Jews during the WWII  wanted to remain anonymous and asked the people that they have saved no to tell their name to anybody.

I got the book and participated in a reading group where Gross answered questions related to it.  The book is very good though I imagine it must be hard to read it if you are Polish.  The professor made me think more about how important is for a nation but also for individuals to fully accept their past in order to be able to build a future. The Polish case is different that most of the East-European states and painful. You can read in the book and see in his presentation the personal stupefaction of Gross as a Polish when he sees how people instead of apologizing for the crimes committed after the war  are denying and pretend it wasn’t that bad.   

That made me think about the Romanian Process of Condemning the Communist System that was presented last December in a big loud circus because there were some politicians saying that it was not that bad…