When I first heard this song, as an adult, in a children library program for toddlers, I thought …well, this is not a nice song since all five ducks leave their mother, one by one. Even though at the end of the song “all five little ducks come back “, I thought this was a rather sad song. However time passed and I heard it so many times that I stated not to pay attention to my feelings and thought about it as a “happy” song.

Last week, while traveling, we sang this song in the car and when I looked back to check the kids, my big girl was in tears. I could see that she was trying to hold her tears but when “none of the five little ducks came back” she burst out crying. I tried to explain to her that all ducks came back and everything was fine…it did not help. She made me promise not to sing it again. I knew exactly what she felt like but I did not think a 4 year old can feel that much and that deep about a song. Especially if so many people seem not to be bothered about what it means.