The biggest lie is to say that you can understand what somebody is feeling when you never experienced something similar. The closest think to understanding it, would be to imagine how it feels like based on some similar experience of yours.

There was some talk last weeks about sexual abused small girls and some celebrities were defending them, trying to explain how much, an unfortunate experience like that, can affect them. I  felt very sorry for the abused children and, of course, very angry with the abusers but I could not really see how this can affect all their life…Now I can see how. I had a car accident last week and even though nobody was physically hurt, it was not my fault, I started to feel depressed. My body was in shock after it happened and my mind was sending “everything is OK” messages but the body did not respond for a long time. I still feel guilty for something that happened that it was not my fault. Now I can start to imagine how hard must be  for a small girl to try to make sense of a person abusing her.

 I am happy that I can find NGO’s like Artemis – Center for concealing against sexual abuses and violence close to my home back in Romania.  I never could completely understand what are these people doing but now I come to appreciate their work.  First of all they support people that really need somebody to understand them.