But what happens when we find out?

I never imagine somebody from Romania could have such a coherent and modern view about what a library is or could be in a (rural) community. Dimitrie Gusti did before the WWII. It hurts to see that, even though he had the ideas and the power to implement them, he did not have time to do it and we are now far from where we should be when it comes to public libraries and community centers in Romania.     

“The library is not a joke. It is not an ornament for the cultural center. It ought to circulate and reach out. Our libraries are static. They exist for the crowds to rush to their doors and shelves. But nobody rushes to the book shelves. The library remains closed, and the village continues to work the field and gossip. Such a library is either an irony or a falsehood. It needs to emerge from inside as a need of the soul. The thirst of books engenders it…A good [cultural ] center will be the one which makes its virtue the dissemination of books.”(Gusti D. translation Anghelescu H.)