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This winter break reminded me of Bjork’s song. The end of the semester was so busy, so many deadlines and projects that was really crazy. However the past 2 weeks have been so quiet…both on campus and online. The thought that the spring semester will make me, again, want to be able to stop the time, to be happy with the things I discover and in love with my work makes me feel good. But there is also the sad part that time will not stop and that I will not have as much time as I want to devote to my projects.  

Making a parallel between this song and my study/work  made me think that sometimes not love is discontinuous but time is.  Time (and the lack of it) is making you forget or vivid remember your love…    


Three people worked on this. We did it as a reminder. Too many things are easily forgotten in Romania nowadays.

fragment from Tudor Musatescu

The whole company stood at attention, waiting in the barracks’ courtyard. The warrant officer scratches his head under his cap, looks at his soldiers from one end to the other of the line and suddenly decidedly gives his order:

“All Romanians three steps forward!”

Tramp, tramp, tramp!…Three quarters of the company take three steps forward rhythmically.

The warrant officer proudly considers them for the moment and then addresses the others:

“Muslim, stand by. Catholics two steps forward and Jews one step behind.”

Tramp, tramp, tramp!…The few Turks in the company stand by, the Jews step back and more than half of the Romanians take two steps forward.

The officer is puzzled by the confusion created by his last order.

Many would still be puzzled today by this reality…

Mihail Sebastian


17 December 1941

The Union of communities has been dissolved and replaced with a “Central Office.” A new census will begin of all inhabitants “of Jewish blood.”[…]

“Go over to Catholicism! Convert as quickly as you can! The Pope will defend you! He’s the only one who can still save you.” For several days I have been hearing this same refrain. This morning Comsa, this evening Aristide and Alice, asked me in all seriousness why I am still waiting. I don’t need arguments to answer them, nor do I search for any. Even if it were not so grotesque, even if it were not so stupid and pointless, I would still need no arguments. Somewhere on an island with sun and shade, in the midst of peace, security and happiness, I would in the end be indifferent to whether I was or was not Jewish. But here and now I cannot be anything else. Nor do I think I want to be.

Today, more acutely then before, I had the feeling that it is not true, that everything is terrible unreal, that I am trashing about as in a nightmare, that I am sinking beneath it, – and that I must wake up. So long as I don’t go mad! At times I feel so tired that I am afraid I will crack up and lose control of myself.

Hm…and I thought this Decembre was hard for me…

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