On December 5th, in Bucharest a Christmas Tree Festival took place. Wealthy Romanian business people gather together and held an auction for Christmas trees by famous designers. The money are to be used for educational programs for children in need.  Altogether the event was a  success and raised more money that a similar event held a day before in London.

However…those people  acted more snobbish that I could have imagine they are able to.

Cristian Mungiu(THE movie director Cristian Mungiu) donated a Christmas tree that he designed using films and film reels. I read that he used even film from 4,3,2 for this tree.  How do you think the auction went?

I would have expected that business class to appreciate first the artist and then the fact that he donated his own work for this. I would have expected them to pay a lot for Mungiu’s tree. They did pay some but it was the smallest amount that was payed that night for a tree. Roberto Cavalli’s Christmas tree was five times more expensive then the film tree.

Maybe Mungiu’s Christmas tree was not as beautiful as other “brand” trees but it was, for sure, the most valuable. It was in the same time art and Romanian Cinema history. Investing in it would have been a gesture of support for young Romanian artists, for local values. Can anybody tell me what was on those people’s minds when they failed to do so?