My family back home has no clue why I would do it. My friends are like: Would you really? If I could fly over there now I would.

So what is the big deal? Not much. The institution that was in charge of looking through the Romanian Security Archive, after years of existence was declared unconstitutional. Many people that are active in the Romanian politic scene got the verdict of being collaborators of the Security. Only one of them choose to exit the public life and none of them apologized for what they have done.

Overnight this institution got closed. Of course there is a huge problem about who is going to take charge of those files and who is going to continue this effort to name all the security guys(securisti). People who can still care about this back home are having a protest meeting in the Piata Universitatii, February 3rd, 2008 at 2PM. We want to know who were those people that work so carefully for the Securitate.

We might be able to forget but we have to know!