There is a cultural magazine in Romania that does weekly articles about cultural-social related topics from a Romanian intellectuals’ perspective… This week I had a small contribution to their articles about Romanian libraries. I am still amazed by this.

While in college, I heard about Dilema magazine but having an adversity for the elitist way in which the culture was talked and acted about I was very hesitated to read it. I remember trying it once and, I cannot remember exact why, I did not liked it. I felt it was too cultural for my taste… A couple of years later I bought one magazine, and really like it and since then I am reading it regularly.

What changed? Did I changed? Most probably. Maybe the people writing there changed a little too. Maybe because of choosing a different tone it became more accessible…I don’t know.

All I know is that this week’s number of Dilema veche talks about the situation of Romanian libraries. For Romanian libraries is not much but it is a good start.

P.S. The online version will be available starting Monday.