Let’s say you have the power to create an Information Society (IS) in your country. Let’s say you want to do it, you think it can prove to be valuable for the people and you have all the means to help you. Let’s think unrealistic optimistic about it…

Then, let’s say you have the resources and you start working on the infrastructure (broad band, access points, free IT&mobile market, s.o). Now, it’s time to think about increasing the chances for the people to participate in this new society. Where do you start? A few of the possibilities would be:

  • Teaching people the skills to be able to participate in this new society;
  • Making sure there is enough and useful information that people could access and use;
  • Increasing their awareness related to the dangers and false dangers that are connected to this new society.

Again, where would you start from?

Would you consider appropriate to begin with a national campaign to inform the people about mobile phones and health, putting an emphasis on the fact that GSM antennas are not a electromagnetic radiation hazard? Don’t think so. Not for the first campaign, not as a single topic three months campaign…

Now, let’s take a real case: Romania. As part of European Union, we are to build an information society together with all the other EU countries. Because is a priority for EU, we make it a priority for us too. That makes many of the conditions from above reality for us. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies (MCIT) is leading us on this journey. So fat it proved to be quite active and efficient on the infrastructure development part.

On April 15th, 2008 MCIT together with Ministry of Health started a national campaign. If I am not mistaking it is the first campaign that the MCIT started after the IS became a priority… And the topic chosen was? Mobile phones and health, of course!

The economic interests are spelled out so well that it’s scary. I am wondering what mobile brands will be use to exemplify… I am sure they will be European though πŸ˜€ All this is done with public money and it’s plain and simple advertising for mobile phones and indirectly for the mobile phone companies. I know that mobiles represent the tools that will be most used in the future Information society but is this right? Don’t think so.