It is done. The last paper for this semester got submitted. If I wouldn’t be so tired I would probably be happy…or not. The last year I’ve experienced something new and wonderful: learning about things I am passionate about. In these two semesters I discovered new things about me while studying for the Master program and researching on Romanian libraries.  Even though the experiences were enriching the end of the semesters were out of this world…at least out of my world.

I thought I knew what being in an exam period meant from my Undergrad Program in Romania but I was so wrong. The rhythm of the classes here is quite alert during the semester unlike back home. After awhile you get used to itand think you are ready for the final weeks…And then, the rhythm gets more and more alert and you can see yourself running from one assignment to another, and you think you cannot make it, then a Professor encourages you, another student tells you she feels the same way, you say to yourself it’s just one more week and you continue to work hard…until you submit the last paper. Then you are done. You need to slow down and get back to your normal life.

I feel like after running in a marathon. With my last powers I reached the Finish line.  I’ll rest now and then get ready for a new one…and a new one…

Alanis Morissette  will be in Romania of 4th of July 🙂