This morning I added two records for Ada Milea’s music CD’s in OCLC. I was very happy to find her name in LC names. Quijote, her 2006 book and CD  from Polirom already had  a record and is owned by Stanford and Harvard Universities. Now there are also records for Absurdistan and Republica Mioritica Romania. It’s not a big deal but I am so happy I did this.

This is something newer than what I cataloged today. Nevertheless is still Ada Milea:

As a side thing, for writing these records I derived from an already existing record of Angela Simiea’s Un roman de iubire intre-un albastru infinit. (Angela Similea was the most popular singer in Communits Romania) I don’t know why I thought of her when I was trying to find a Romanian singer in OCLC… In the process of editing the record titles of songs like Să mori de dragoste rănită (To die of broken heart) was replaced by Ada’s ironic songs.  🙂