When I first heard this expression I was not sure what it meant. It took me a long time to figure out and have a pretty good idea about what it is. Now I also have a good example to make other understand it:)

So we have the Olympic Games from Beijing. We have a long expected Opening Ceremony for that. And you have a NBC television. What can happen?  NBC decides that this ceremony will be so memorable that everybody needs to see it so they record and broadcast it in prime time and they get record ratings for that. Great!

Well, no so great because from 7AM when the Ceremony started until in the evening when NBC broadcasted it in USA people could not watch it anywhere. The broadcasting rights were purchased by NBC (including the digital ones) so…no way to access it legally.

This leaves people with no option when there should be one. This is just because the numbers don’t look good for some… This is a price to high too be acceptable and no rating can be used as an explanation!

Unfortunatelly the people don’t seem to even notice this… after all the show was great 😦