If I were to use this title, in Romanian, about my relation with some other person the implication would be that we are helping each other get a clean image even though we are doing some kind of dirty business. Until yesterday it never occur to me that this can be a positive expression about help, forgiveness, community.

Due to some unfortunate events I ended up having a heavy burden that I was supposed to carry with me for a number of years. Because it was partially my fault I accepted it. At the beginning I was confident I will be able to pull it along however I soon realized that month after month the burden seemed heavier. One evening I had a thought that I should confess to somebody about it. I knew a member of our church community works with more or less similar problems so on Sunday I just asked if I can talk with her. She listened and understood my physical and psychological burden from my few sentences. More than that she promised to look into my case and see if there is any way she can help.

The next day when I talked with her on the phone and she told me she was able to waive my dept, I literary felt like my burden was taken away from me, like I had this dirt on me and it got washed off. It felt somehow similar to the feeling you have after confession and communion in church but different in the same time. It surprised me and remindedĀ  me about the meekness we should have to see God’s mystery and grace coming so powerful from a regular person. I felt like a hand that just got cleaned and can now clean another hand.

One hand washed the other and both the face goes the saying. Through this experience I learned though that one hand washes the other and both can and should wash the feet of the persons we meet everyday in our life.