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She’s 3.

Today, after working for awhile on my laptop I left it and went to prepare dinner. She sat close to it and when I turned she started keyboarding. I heard it and I turn right away.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“Nothing” she said but knew that she was not supposed to do that.

“I told you that you are not allowed to play with the laptop”

“But I don’t have one to play with” she said

“Why do you need one to play with?”

And calm as she always seems said:

“Because I need it in preschool”.

To a 3 year old it makes perfect sense that if I need a laptop for my school and work she needs one for her school too.


People working and studying in a small school in Sibiu, Romania decided to get ready for beginning a new school year by painting the schools’ building. The theory sais that the local administration was supposed to finance this work but the money sent to the school covered only the materials. So people who cared about the school from teachers to cleaning personnel, from pupils to auxiliary staff worked together to have a nice place for everybody.

This is a nice story but what is so special about it? Well, if you were a journalist from Romania and you would want to present this as a news you would definitely be amazed by the fact that teachers would get down on the job and prepared the classrooms for their pupils and all that before the beginning of the school year. The same “unheard of” attitude you would have when a pupil would tell you that he came to help because, in the end, he and his classmates are the ones using the space. Interesting enough the auxiliary staff’s work that was put to the same cause was not as important as the teacher’s so it was very briefly mentioned… The news in Romanian from is here

What I really like about this story is that finally people managed to think at their community first and then at the people trying to cheat them. (I know this might seem strange but it is actually very hard to do that in Romania nowadays. The way the journalist asked the questions is a clear sigh of this) The fact that the local administration (not a very poor one) could not pay for this type of work raises a serious question mark but between waiting for the mystery to be solved and getting the school ready the community decided on the right option.

Bravo for everybody working for their community fromĀ  “Emil Cioran” Middle School in Sibiu!

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