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How do you see the library in  the future?

On the short term reading and the public library will continue their existence in the same way, they will not become new stars on the sky of Romanian people’s activities, nor will they suffer devastating loses. Library will have its public and people will continue to read in a rather modest manner. The far future is forbidden for me. I can only speculate and I do not want to do that.

I translated this fragment from an interview given by a librarian that works in a public library in Romania. If read carefully, a number of issues that Romanian librarians face (or ignore) are present.

Can you imagine going to work everyday believing that  future of your library is forbidden for you? So much so that you don’t  dare to speak up about, at least,  the mission that you believe the library should assume or the need to support education no matter what…


The majority of he Romanians laws that I read have a destructive nature…I am not a law expert though, so it might be just my limited experience talking here but I feel like in Romania the  laws are given to stop or prevent, usually bad things (like corruption, anti-social activities s.o.) from happening. Very little attention is given to the constructive part of the law, on building up valid solutions to existing and future problems. Of course, for emergency situations the emergency first aid laws are good solutions. However, for problems that are hunting us for years now…those kind laws are useless.

Just to give you an example, to get a glimpse of how Romanian politician’s mind work. Weddings are celebrated with big fast in  Romania like in many places on this planet.  The Roma community however managed to make many people angry because of the way they celebrate them. In neighborhoods of Communist block of flats they bring their celebration  in the streets, they build temporary tents on public spaces to have their receptions there and have high voltage music until late at night.(all this information I got from different article in Romania newspapers during the last year) So we might say there is a problem. What does the bright Romanian politicians do? Make up a law that, they are going give their final vote for today, that says that “parties and weddings in tents or close by buildings where people live ” is not allowed (source). Of course there are some laws already in place that penalize  this kind of disturbance in the public life…but it does not matter: here comes a new one! A better one?  Don’t think so.

Not thinking about why those people are celebrating the weddings there, what community spaces do they have as alternatives, what are the meanings of this ceremony for the community…we (almost) have a new destructive law. Can anybody tell me what good is this law going to bring? Probably some money to some local budgets from fines…That’s how big the picture of taking care of communities is for Romanian politicians.

Should we care about who gets the fair share or we should just try to let our ideas have wings? I do like to see my ideas getting  wings  🙂

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