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We have elections in Romania on Sunday. President Traian Basescu hopes for a Parliament representing “Romanians’ will not their indifference”. The old “red” PSD party is quite confident of its victory (alone and/or in alliances). Romanian intellectuals cannot figure out how come a party like this is able to trick people again in voting for them. (electoral bribe is very appreciated back home)

Romanian’s can still vote for a party that represent so vividly our past, even though the past was horrible. They can do that because that is the only thing they know. Democracy, freedom and such are just new propaganda words. (The reality looks much more grey.) Nobody ever took the time to help people gasp their meanings to help them think for themselves for a change, to empower them . “I’ll go to vote but it’s no use anyway.” is the best answer you will get from people about elections. Most don’t even go.

Illinois was an Obama state from the beginning. So when I met somebody who was going to vote for  McCain I was like “Why would you? It’s no use. The state will go to Obama” She said ” Because it’s my vote”.

We do not have that will in Romania. We are not educated to have one. Moreover, we are encouraged not to have one, but to remain in a contemplating position,  by bringing up old memories like red flags…

It’s scary how much this resembles the Communist gatherings where people were forced to come, carry red flags and “behave”. I  know, it is a big difference…now nobody is forcing them, now is their “will”…

Everything will be fine, I hear is freedom in Romania…


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