A number of people attacked the Romanian ex-president Ion Iliescu with coins at a commemoration of 1989 Revolution in Bucharest. The security was needed so he can be  taken away from the scene untouched.  Accusations of  Iliescu betraying the Revolution and the people that died for the freedom of Romania seem to take him  by surprise every time… It’s been 19 years of looking for answers  that would explain, at least in part, the tragedy of those days and the aftermath.  The classical media reactions are somehow wondering how come people did not forget about all this, how come they are still wondering and getting mad at things that happened 19 years ago…

Respect for the  people that know what questions they need to answer and are fighting to get those answers sending  clear messages about that. This is a warning message to any politician  in Romania:  you cannot continue to ignore  people’s sacrifices and fight for truth.

Respect for the people that died in 1989 Revolution. May God rest their souls.

Respect for people that were on the streets in December 1989. Multumesc (Thank you).