While this title is no news to anybody that knows a little bit about this library, something changed this week. A TV station in Romania aired a movie that showed, for the first time, how bad the reality is for this library. (The movie about this starts on minute 9).

Biblioteca nationala  a Romaniei

Many people got angry but the reactions were very few until… Monday evening when some young people ( I hope to  find out more about them) started an online  petition.  The  Ministry of Culture is asked in simple terms to make the needed effort to give the library its rightful home.  Since Monday 2,126 people sign it.  Signers wrote comments on  how much they want and need to have a national library, librarians from all over Romania showed their support, representatives from different publishing houses signed it too. Young students or parents claimed the need for preserving the collection of this institution…

It is the first time when a library in Romania gets support from its public. (So far no library association or commission took any stand after this movie) The whole movement is quite interesting and I am very curious to learn if the National library will know how to use this momentum.

In case you want to support this move watch the movie, sign the petition and join our group on Facebook  Romanian National Library: Looking for a home.