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Yesterday Madonna’s world tour  had a stop in Bucharest. 60,000 people were said to be present at her concert.  I like her music and I was curious to see how it was. Before the concert the journalist reported in great detail the preparation for this concert.

According to the news that surfaced the online media channels the night after the concert Madonna had “Romania at her feet” and it was a historical concert.  The organizational problems or fact that, unlike other artists that came to Bucharest, she did not say a word in Romanian were also mentioned.

In the concert a “gypsy moment” took place where Madonna sang  “La isla bonita” and Lela Pala Tute a song in Romani (The Madness Of Love).

Madonna added:

“Now, I’ve been paying attention to news reports and it’s been brought to my attention that there’s a lot of discrimination against Romanis and Gypsies in general in Eastern Europe. And I feel very sad, because I don’t believe in discrimination against anyone. We believe in freedom and equal rights for everyone. Gypsies, homosexuals, people who are different, everyone is equal and should be treated with respect, OK? Let’s not forget that!”

That evening  the moment was mentioned only tangentially in newspapers and the public’s reaction was noted by few (I found only one but I am not sure whether they also mentioned it in the printed version – I’ll have to check that). In the heart of Bucharest Madonna was booed when she asked people to respect the others.

Sky News found that this event deserves more than a line and published the “Madonna Booed Over ‘Sad’ Gypsy Abuse” article. The news spread on international media, Associated Press also mentioned it.  Then the Romanian online media started to talk about public’s reaction and how it was inappropriate. They questioned people’s reaction. From the readers’ comments I gather that the TV channels did not mention the “gypsy moment” at all. A number of hours after the news was out (half a day after the event took place) several discussions started online on this topic.

Romania seems surprised. The readers are asked:

Why do you think Madonna sent this message ?:

  • to teach Romanian a lesson about being tolerant
  • to build up her image
  • to make sure her concert will not be soon forget.

First the incident  is not important enough to be talked about in our media, until the international press underlines it. Then we start talking about it. (How we talk about it is another story!)

That is how the conversation about  tolerance takes place in  Romania. I feel like  Romanian leaders hope  we will become a truly democratic country  following the same pattern:  EU will notice our mistakes and will show them to us so that the people  can learn not to make them anymore.

In the “gypsy moment” with Madonna, the public could see (and be vocal about it) that foreigners  say Romanians are no tolerant but in the same time they don’t even know us.  People cannot understand why Madonna would touch or care about a wound that is not hers, a wound  that we don’t even know we have.

Similarly, people cannot understand most of the EU’s regulations and policies and why are those affecting their life. Why does Brussels think they  know us? We never talked with them, they never talked with us. EU will be booed in Romania as long as people will continue to see it as a group of foreigners telling them what to do…in a different language.

When will we learn to be tolerant with Romani people? Well, as you can see, we are in denial about this.


Once upon a time, the story goes, that a red dragon was taken down in the land of Europe. In the same time a child was born…20 years later we are invited to celebrate.

During the celebration though, somebody from Poland raise the hand [and typed a question on EUTube channel] asking:
“Where is Lech Walesa?”
Well, this is “a story of child born in Berlin” was the answer. “Actually its about the child that was born on November 9th 1989. [If you cared to see the entire video clip.]”
Somebody else asked:
“And why was the child born on November 9th 1989 instead of June 4th 1989?”

At this moment in time, the host, EUTube, commented that the celebration is just what it is: a 20th Anniversary of democratic change in Central and Eastern Europe and is “about the child being born at the moment the Berlin Wall was brought down.”
And…”Where is Walesa, Solidarity, 4th june elections? ”
There was some time for thinking, changing statements and after two weeks we are invited to a new celebration. The Polish typing now on EUTube about SOLIDARNOŚĆ are also invited…

What a party!
We thank the host.

We leave wondering if the somebody that asked politely “excuse me, where is Bulgaria???”  during the first 20th celebration  will also be invited in a near future for a special party like this. After all, the red dragon had many heads and many warriors fought him.

If you listen carefully, in nights when the wind blows from the East, you can still hear stories about the old dragon. Some say he still has some heads left, some say it’s only his ghost but many talk about him wandering in the land of Europe.

Young people from Moldova are human beings too!!!

Police  from Moldova, European Union and International organizations seem not to care.

When police treatments like this one are happening to youth walking on the streets in Chisinau, journalists are intimidated and threaten and international voices keep their silence because Russia is watching… you start to wonder how developed is the developed world?
How efficient is the Internet in making silent voices heard?
How ready is the world to hear them?

Did you hear what are those young people are saying?

We are many, we are young, we are united! We will go all the way!
You cannot control us!
We are sick of suffering a totalitarian regime, supported by fear and terror! Communism is guilty of the biggest genocide in history!
We do not want to be lead by those who killed and deported our parents and grandparents!
We ask for President Voronin’s resignation and the outlawing of the criminal Communist Party!
We do not want extreme solutions – we ask for the President’s trial under the Constitution! We are doing no one’s politics, and are paid by no one!
We have no political color – we are pure and transparent!
Down with the communist magnates who send us to work on the black market and steal our money right from the Western Union office!
The luxury furniture and the hardwood floors in the Presidency and the Parliament are bought from money exchange fee!
We do not want to go to Italy, Portugal or Spain! We do not want to go to Canada or Moscow! We want to work and be paid in our own country!
We want a state grounded in respect and trust, not in fear and blackmail!
Down with the fear, Moldavians!


Kosovo is becoming independent today. There are big (economic) expectations from the population but the inter-ethnic relations are not settle there.  The fulfilling of the economical hopes does not rely on the people living in Kosovo (not in the world we live in). The relations with their neighbours does. My pray is for people in Kosovo to act as good neighbors and give each other a new chance. This is their only hope. 

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