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I have been told that I cannot say I still have a blog if it’s not updated. So because I love this place and I kind of miss writing, here is a short post on where we are. Plus, I want to be able to say that I still blog – I hear  bloggers make money in Romania   🙂

After eight years of studying in US we returned to Romania and  we are trying to readjust to living in our own country. It is a strange feeling to be without a  “home” in your home country. On this bumpy way coming home we find hope in the people with whom we protest for a better country, in people we bike with in overcrowded cities, in children who don’t accept injustices and speak up for their rights.

We do have hope but, for the time being, we are silently looking around learning and searching  for a place where we can make a difference.


I often have problems when translating syntagmas related to community from English to Romanian.  My understanding of the complex work that needs to be done inside a community to support it and to allow its members to grow happened in an English speaking context.  This is how I came to naturally understand what “community building” means however I am still working to find a Romanian syntagma that would carry the same meaning (and not just merely be a lifeless word by word translation).

In the meanwhile,  I am happy to find that,  without giving it a meaningful name/title, people from different regions of Romania are doing community building work through dance and music!

For example people got together following the sad event of MJ’s death and put together  this dance.  It is the first time when such a response comes from an informal community from Romania in such an organized way.

Another community of more than one hundred children and youth from different backgrounds, schools and institutions was formed during five weeks of rehearsal for dancing the Stravinsky’s Firebird that was presented on the main scene of the Romanian National Theater early this month.  The participants with no previous dancing experience did not know that they were becoming a community and that through dance they were learning to trust themselves and each other. This has been the intention of  “Jungen Rumänen eine Chance!” charitable association and from what we can see in images and read on blogs it has been a real success for everybody involved in the project.

One winner of this community dancing project is eight years old Marian who had Firebird in his life after having a life in a cardboard box in Sibiu train station.

Last but not least I am happy to learn about an art and education project transformed by the Rahova community at the Community Center laBOMBA . As Maria Draghici puts it “they know how to express themselves in an artistic way, it’s just not in the way we have tried to teach them how to do it.”   Supporting the community’s voice is not an easy task (especially in such a challenged community) but the fact that, at the laBOMBA community center, common language was discovered is a huge step forward.

Congratulations to all that worked for and that took part in these projects! Hope that you all will have future projects where you will get to continue this kind of learning in and with communities!

There are many stories that are told or are telling themselves online all the time.  I am thinking about sharing some of those stories here. Until I’ll decide more on how to do this better, here is the first one. Enjoy!

Once upon a time there lived a little girl…

She didn’t have much time to rest, for another challenge very scary and (a)live was awaiting.

(click here if that does not work, watch it anc come back for the rest of the story)
What happened next is meant for stories with courageous boys and girls, just like you.

To be continued

Sweet dreams everyone!

Young people from Moldova are human beings too!!!

Police  from Moldova, European Union and International organizations seem not to care.

When police treatments like this one are happening to youth walking on the streets in Chisinau, journalists are intimidated and threaten and international voices keep their silence because Russia is watching… you start to wonder how developed is the developed world?
How efficient is the Internet in making silent voices heard?
How ready is the world to hear them?

Did you hear what are those young people are saying?

We are many, we are young, we are united! We will go all the way!
You cannot control us!
We are sick of suffering a totalitarian regime, supported by fear and terror! Communism is guilty of the biggest genocide in history!
We do not want to be lead by those who killed and deported our parents and grandparents!
We ask for President Voronin’s resignation and the outlawing of the criminal Communist Party!
We do not want extreme solutions – we ask for the President’s trial under the Constitution! We are doing no one’s politics, and are paid by no one!
We have no political color – we are pure and transparent!
Down with the communist magnates who send us to work on the black market and steal our money right from the Western Union office!
The luxury furniture and the hardwood floors in the Presidency and the Parliament are bought from money exchange fee!
We do not want to go to Italy, Portugal or Spain! We do not want to go to Canada or Moscow! We want to work and be paid in our own country!
We want a state grounded in respect and trust, not in fear and blackmail!
Down with the fear, Moldavians!


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