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My first steps in academic life in US were guided by two wonderful professors Chip Bruce and Ann Bishop. They were the idealist persons in my life that overestimated me big time.

They fostered the spark for the search of meaning in me and now this search is taking us on separate paths. I’m scared because I don’t know if my direction is already set at the right angle to make sure I become what I can be (like in prof. Frankl‘s diagram above) but this looks like a good time to figure it out.

Ann and Chip, with humility, I thank you both.


I know Romania is not a country that gets a lot of publicity here in the States. I am not expecting people to be able to tell me something about my country. Today however I was taken by surprise by what a librarian from a small town in the heart of Illinois told me. I met him two days ago and we chat a lot about libraries, about how I ended up studying to become a librarian. I noticed he was very impressed with me being form Romania and when we went around he would introduced me first as a Romanian and the as a LIS student.

Today he told me that he felt very bad when we first met because he could not tell the name of a city in Romania. He said “Well, actually I knew Ploiesti because we bombed it hard in WWII.” I inquired about that and he gave details about what type of airplanes were used, that they had taken off from Italy because that was the closest base…He learned all of this in school.

I have no memory of a discussion about this attack in a history class. I learned about alliances, strategies, some big names in WWII but I have no memory learning about Ploiesti bombing.  Now I know. And I have a question: Did people in Ploiesti knew that their town was specifically targeted by the enemy because they had oil? Now it seems so obvious that they will go after the oil but was it that obvious back then? 

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