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Following my heart and Mado‘s guidence,

For M.

She’s not ready to go

But she’s tied to.

The children will be looking for her eyes

to take their side on quarrels with the others.

The air will remain still for the time being

She’ll work some place else without really dreaming.

The books will await, computers will boot

exhibits will manage without her input.

The others are stronger and history’s with them,

They are stones but illusion makes them out of cream.

She got tired of working the work

while the others are talking her talk.

It’s painful for her but, can you see?

She’ll leave and we’ll be left with an  empty library.

“You’ll have the books, the others are guarding!”

We have them… up on 3 meter shelving.


After one and a half year away I am back in Romania for a short visit.  I have the feeling that things changed in better but I also learned that I am lacking  language/skills that would alow me to fully communicate with people around here…Even people that live and work in Romania seem to have the same problem but for me it feels even more strange because I am able to better communicate with people from my US community (that come from all over the world) then people back home…This feels more powerful in my profession where even though I want to put what I know to a good use I cannot do it because I don’t speak the same language with most of the professionals.

Hopefully my struggle to know how to love will help me learn all the languages I need in order to do the work.

How do you see the library in  the future?

On the short term reading and the public library will continue their existence in the same way, they will not become new stars on the sky of Romanian people’s activities, nor will they suffer devastating loses. Library will have its public and people will continue to read in a rather modest manner. The far future is forbidden for me. I can only speculate and I do not want to do that.

I translated this fragment from an interview given by a librarian that works in a public library in Romania. If read carefully, a number of issues that Romanian librarians face (or ignore) are present.

Can you imagine going to work everyday believing that  future of your library is forbidden for you? So much so that you don’t  dare to speak up about, at least,  the mission that you believe the library should assume or the need to support education no matter what…

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