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My first steps in academic life in US were guided by two wonderful professors Chip Bruce and Ann Bishop. They were the idealist persons in my life that overestimated me big time.

They fostered the spark for the search of meaning in me and now this search is taking us on separate paths. I’m scared because I don’t know if my direction is already set at the right angle to make sure I become what I can be (like in prof. Frankl‘s diagram above) but this looks like a good time to figure it out.

Ann and Chip, with humility, I thank you both.


Following my heart and Mado‘s guidence,

For M.

She’s not ready to go

But she’s tied to.

The children will be looking for her eyes

to take their side on quarrels with the others.

The air will remain still for the time being

She’ll work some place else without really dreaming.

The books will await, computers will boot

exhibits will manage without her input.

The others are stronger and history’s with them,

They are stones but illusion makes them out of cream.

She got tired of working the work

while the others are talking her talk.

It’s painful for her but, can you see?

She’ll leave and we’ll be left with an  empty library.

“You’ll have the books, the others are guarding!”

We have them… up on 3 meter shelving.

There is something so sad in the way we know that we are coming back in Romania.  It starts on the airport where you are  taking  the flight to Bucharest. On all of the ones I’ve been, the gate for Romania is always in a poorer condition that the one I arrived at. (Paris and Frankfurt are just some examples)   Few sits, few or no  outlets available,  lack of  restrooms (you have to go through security again -with your luggage if you are alone and if you want to use the bathroom), unprofessional airport and flight company workers…everything is announcing coming home.

Tonight the security came very late at our gate and we had to get out of the area and reenter (even though we already had another security check).  After we got to the gate the security people relaxed and started to have a good time being disturbingly loud. The boarding went well except that nobody looked at our passports or our face because the ladies were too busy talking with each other.  The bus that took us to the plane was uncomfortable crowded  even though one person from the airport was supposed to pay attention  and bring the second bus as soon as was needed.  The flight attendants were also terrible unfocused.

I flew the same Lufthansa flight but on a reverse route some days ago and everybody behave very professional…I know because I was really impressed. What changed? My guess is that destination changed.  Sure people are doing their job even for this flight to Bucharest but more relaxed…because it is not like flying to Frankfurt…

Now I know that I am in Romania because the taxi driver, learning that I don’t need a receipt stopped the company’s measuring system at one point, keeping  part of the money for him…I heard all about his greedy boss and his lack of professional perspectives in Romania…when all I wanted was a decent ride home.

Maybe this is something I start to be obsessed with but not doing your job well affects in a negative way other people. And I don’t believe there are different ways of being  professional depending on who you serve.  As a friend of mine told me this unprofessional way of doing things by professionals (any kind of professionals) seems to be a common known and accepted Romanian thing that, as I noticed tonight, is spreading West.

Europe here we come!

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