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I confess I tried to elude my birthday this year. Don’t have a lot of time to analyze why. Some say it’s because I am getting older 😛 and I say it’s just because there are better things that I should care about than my birthday…

In any case, to all my family, friends, professors from Romania and abroad who stubbornly remembered me on my birthday: Thank you!


Mircea Cartarescu wrote this article after a Romanian murdered an Italian woman last fall.  A whole debate started about Roma population in Romania and Cartareascu states in his article that “the Gypsy problem in Romania results from Romania’s policy towards the Gypsies” . This is true however…the more I looked at policies in Romania the more I think that Roma people are not an exception. The policies in Romania were never created having a population in mind but rather some individuals and their interests.

The policies and laws that are supposed to help libraries and enhance their activities cannot be applied. That is what the representative from the Minister of Culture stated. (His Minister is the one responsible for managing the National library, public library system, the professional development of librarians…)And he sounded like “since this is the case there is nothing we can do. Sorry!”.

Bullying is a big problem in Romania but not only that we do not have policies about it in schools…we don’t have a proper term to translate it in Romanian. (Please help me out if you have a good translation for it)

Carrying about the people in the community, about their problems and needs is something we need to learn in Romania. Writing good laws and policies is the way the administrative leaders can show that they care (not to mention that is their job to do it!). So far it is not the case in Romania when it comes to most ethnic minorities, different educational professionals, artists, low income communities. It might be because people who write these policies do not know how to write them well…it might be because they don’t really care…

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