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Should we care about who gets the fair share or we should just try to let our ideas have wings? I do like to see my ideas getting  wings  🙂

More about 10 to the 100th.


I wrote about the Hunger bytes contest before. Now I am happy to present a movie done by a friend of mine for this contest. I really like it. Take a look and let other people know about it.


The United Nations World Food Programme ( is asking videomakers to unleash their creativity and produce the funniest, strangest or edgiest 30 or 60 second video about hunger.

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 European Charlemagne Youth Prize for existing projects that foster a shared sense of European identity and cooperation. As well as promoting European and international understanding, the winning projects will serve as role models for young people living in Europe. In particular the organisers are looking for practical examples of Europeans living together.

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